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Contents marketing is really important as “content is king in digital marketing”. Its relevance is on its capacity of influencing on the different areas of digital marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), social media strategies, improvement of usability, e-commerce success, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, etc.

Benefits of a content strategy

There is a number of benefits that a content strategy provides regards search engine optimization (SEO).

Google gives priority to quality content in its search results. This increases along with the Google algorithm updates.

Creating a blog is a great option in order to offer our audience some fresh and valuable content. A blog will be our content marketing strategy focus. A weekly post, at least, is advisable. It can be produced by either the company or an external agency.

Content marketing benefits for the social networks strategy

The social networks increasing importance makes content more valuable since it is the main tool to create and develop a network community.

That is the reason why a company willing to develop a strategy in social networks will need a Community Manager. This position will be accountable for the production of the quality content the channel demands.

Content marketing benefits for usability and conversion

Quality content is essential for the usability and conversion of a website.

A good content to communicate our company value is essential to improve the website conversion. It is necessary to express and convey clearly why the web visitors should buy the company’s products or services by making obvious the difference with competitors.