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You will find in this post 5 steps to make an Online Marketing Plan.

  1. Business, brand, and product/services definition.

It is essential knowing ourselves and our brand before starting a digital marketing plan for your business. This is the pillar sustaining anything else.

Fist of all, the business model to be developed must be stated. We can sell digital products, open an online shop, cell apps, and an endless number of options.

Secondly, we need to know what is our audience. Thinking of addressing everybody with the idea of the-more-the-better would be a mistake. We should focus our plan on a segment having an in-depth knowledge of it.

  1. Market and competitors in-depth research.

Finding all about our competitors as about ourselves is essential. This analysis will always be in constant evolution and it will always be possible to get to know a bit more of any eventual changes.

Knowing our competitors will let us know what we can improve or what to communicate. Besides it is also useful for inspiration and generating interesting ideas.

  1. Goals and objectives

Objectives must be realistic, measurable, and quantifiable. They can be set in relation to sales, positioning, internal growth, etc. Selling 35 products from June to July would be a fair instance.

  1. Creating a value proposal

What makes a difference with our competitors? Why would customers buy from me rather than from any other shop?

Time and effort must be dedicated as this can be the key for a successful or unsuccessful business.

  1. Online comms

Once deployed the preceding, we will take decisions: the channels to sell, what to communicate, and what actions we are going to do to improve what we have already done.