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Email marketing remains effective. A recent report by Return PathAscend2 have stated so. This study was developed by means of interviews to 88 marketing experts.

Email Marketing | Latest data

email marketing

A 60% of the interviewed word for B2B companies. A 22% for its own one. A 18% provides their services to hybrid businesses. A 58% reported a remarkable increase in the performance of their email marketing campaigns. A 27% answered it improved “normally”. Only a 15% said their email marketing actions performance was somewhat nonexistent.

On the other hand, around a 60% of the participants in the study thinks that email is the best tool to meet marketing objectives. A 31% argued this technique is above average in terms of performance and efficiency.

Let us talk about numbers

  • There are more than 3,5 billion email accounts. This is three times more than all Facebook and Twitter accounts together.
  • A 92% of Internet users have at least an email account.
  • A 72% checks mail six times a day or more.
  • A 76% of mails are checked up to 48 hours after sending.
  • More than a 70% buying decisions were influenced by email marketing.
  • Customers signing for email newsletter spend a 83% more than those who did not.
  • 1$ investment generates 44,25$ return.

Top tips

  • Do not send too many newsletter per month. A high frequency is the main reason for unsuscribing for the 69% of interviewed.
  • Custom newsletters with the name of the receiver will increase probabilities of opening mail.
  • Do not attach heavy files as it is a risk that contents may not be seen.
  • Do not use capitals letters in line subject.