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AcciónMK developed a study on the characterization of the advertising, marketing, and communication sector in Andalusia. It was introduced at the IMEX Extenda congress by the managing director of AcciónMK, Manuela Aránega. With the aim of supporting organizations working in this business area, AcciónMK offers this study to any interested particular person.

The objective is obtaining a vision of the reality of this sector and its internationalization potential.

Snapshot of the Andalusian sector

The 35% of the companies of the sector are advertising agencies. The 21,56% are focused of photography. The third kind of organization with a wider presence in Andalusia is dedicated to Design and Creativity.

The 8,23% of the business are Marketing Consultants.

This the Top 3 services offered by this sector:

  • The 21% of the companies give graphic design services (packaging, graphics, signage, etc.).
  • The 15,6% deliver photography services.
  • The 15,4% offer web design services.

Regarding the geographical distribution of this sector in Andalusia, Málaga is the city with a higher number of organizations, namely 3.432 companies (29,7%). Seville is quite near with 2.988 businesses (25,9%). Huelva is the last one in number of companies with only 357 (3%). The total number of Andalusian organizations in the Advertising, Marketing and Communication sector is 11.525.

The 65,4% of this companies have not gone international. Nevertheless, there is a 34,6% which have conducted some kind of measures to go international:

  • The 11,2% have executed some projects of deployment abroad.
  • The 10,3% have promoted itself actively and also achieved services export to third countries.
  • The 13,1% received one or more requests from international customers occasionally.