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The number of companies devoted to manufacture jewelry and costume jewelry articles and the like is of 2,420 according to the Spanish Statistics National Institute (INE, in its Spanish initials). More than a 24% of these businesses are based in Andalusia. In fact, 457 of them are to be found in Córdoba, which means nearly two thirds of the Andalusian jewelry business.

The importance of the jewelry sector in Córdoba is due to its weight in this sector in Andalusian, as well as to its size in relation to the manufacturing industry in Córdoba. The Andalusian business directory states this sector is the 12,2% of the manufacturing industry in the city (source: Andalusian Statistics Institute, IECA). This is ten percentage points above the weight of these organizations in the regional (2,5%) and national (1,4%) productive network (INE).

Futhermore, as regards the relation between the growth sales and production, each euro linked to the jewelry sector means an increase of 2,3 euros in production. With respect to employment every million of euros of increased demand is translated into 672 additional jobs in the economy of Córdoba.