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At AcciónMK we are specialists in achieving the growth of companies.

We seek and create innovate actions that make our clients grow to make them achieve their target clients, transforming results into an increase of their sales.

The marketing services for companies that are developed by AcciónMK encompass the following areas:

  1. Marketing consultancy: If you need a Marketing department in your company but you don’t have the needed resources, an external marketing department could be the option you need. We will define the challenges within a strategy and we will turn them into results accompanying our clients in each step of the process.
  • Marketing Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Viability Plan
  • Franchising Plan
  • Action Plan
  1. Market studies: At AcciónMK we develop market studies in order that you can perfectly know your market niche. You will know what your clients want, how much are they willing to pay, how they see your product or service, their opinion about your competitors, how you can differentiate your company from competitors, etc.
  • Fashion
  • Health and wellness
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism and travels
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Consumption sector
  • Agrofood
  • Building
  1. Digital Marketing: AcciónMK can advise you within this wide and important world, we develop an Integral Digital Marketing Plan encompassing different subjects as for example the following:
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Campaigns in Google (SEM)
  • Organic Positioning (SEO)
  • Web visitor behavior analysis
  • Social Media Plan
  • Website design
  • E-commerce
  • Landing Page
  • Strategies for Social Networks
  • Inbound Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  1. Trade mark: If you want to protect the exclusivity use of your mark, count with the security and legal support, increase the value of your business, achieve notoriety, etc., you must register your mark. At AcciónMK we orientate you during the process.
  2. Training: Nowadays training and professional specialization are continuously demanded by the labour market. At AcciónMK we develop seminars, workshops and training courses focused in the areas we do best.
  • Social Networks
  • Marketing
  • Brands
  • Market studies
  • Others