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One of the standard marketing challenges makes us try to be wizards, not literally, but almost.

What is the point that makes a product or offer be perceived as attractive? Is it price? Packaging? Both? Think of it for a minute before reading any further.

Digital marketing benefits

What additional factors must occur so that our proposal may be relevant for our audience?

A number of factors will have to be aligned to make our product really relevant in such a way that it should generate the expected sales outcome.

Relevant marketing

Which are the involved factors? How can I make relevant my marketing strategy?

  1. Product: first essential is that the product should be apt and convinience for the person receiving the ad or content impact.
  2. Buying process momentum: it is a must that he/she receives the impact at the right buying process stage.
  3. Content or message: making our content or message relevant takes an “attack” to the consumer’s or the audience profile’s needs.
  4. Channel: the chosen channel must be the right one for the audience profile we are addressing and for the buying process momentum.
  5. Site: it is also key that the chosen site should be the one used by our audience (website, social network, etc.).

Communications becomes relevant when these five factors work together. Our audience will pay attention. Nevertheless, a mistake in any of them will put at risk the opportunity and that potential customer.

This is what the never ending fight among brands for attention is about. The winner is the company that balances volume with quality while being relevant.