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In short, it is neuroscience techniques applied to marketing.

What is its objective?

Finding and understanding the levels of attention that people pay to different stimuli. Neural activity is then the approach to explain people’s behaviour.

Marketing is using these techquines in pursue of decisions efficiency. The purpose is finding out which are the stimuli to which people pay more attention and which are the ones that have no direct influence upon behaviours. A more comprehensive and better understanding of people is the goal, nothing to do with manipulating anybody.

The neuromarketing analysis is carried out by a number of techniques that show results at the momment, whereas other analysis are rather based on remembrance.

These techniques pursue measurable and quantitative efforts instead of relying on personal subjectivity. It should be kept in mind that unconscious decisions are heavier than conscious in any buying situation, though it may seem the other way around.

Then, what is neuromarketing?

It identifies stimuli and is applied to different fields, from advertising graphics to heat maps that allow the identification of the areas people look at. These stimuli are later analysed and studied to be accordingly included in strategies and pieces of ad.

Advertising is moving towards an experimental approach. It now uses seductive stories taking the audience to emotional fields. This means more “irrational” fields which –as said above– have a heavier weight in a buying decision.

In general terms, this exhaustive knowledge will lead to tailored made products in which segmentation will be much bigger than what is now experienced and with subtler stimuli.