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Tourism Observatory of Malaga

The past 14th of May the results of the study developed by the Tourism Observatory of Malaga were published, they were presented by the councillor of Tourism and City promotion Maria del Mar Martín Rojo.

The study, developed by AcciónMK, estimates that between November 2016 and October 2017 Malaga hosted 2.35 millions of people without regarding to the 1.6 millions of excursionists.

It is also remarkable the high degree of hotels occupation, which reached a 77.82%, which is a 1.1% increase regarding during the same period of the previous year. Malaga has a high profitability in its hotels, reaching incomes per available room of 67.80 €, which is 11.18% more than during the same period of the previous year.

Remark the increase of jobs in the hotel sector, 8.74% during the studied period, from 1.304 to 1.418.


In October the offer of regulated tourist accommodation reached up to 397 establishments in the city, with 19.019 accommodations (without including houses for tourist purposes).

Counting these houses, the number increases to 31.679 accommodations. This means that houses for tourist represent 12.489 accommodations.

Analysis tool

The Tourism Observatory of Malaga is a tool of study and analysis of the tourist screen of the capital, boosted by the Tourism Forum of Malaga, represents the main private agents and the city hall. The study also provide information focused on planning and decisions making on the tourist area.

By conducting 1.200 interviews, tourists and excursionists which came to Malaga have been analyzed. Socio-demographic profiles, consumption trends, trends at the destiny, loyalty levels, and their satisfaction regarding the offer they receive.

As the councillor of Tourism Maria del Mar Martín Rojo indicated, Malaga is without any doubt an attractive destiny for tourists based on the diversity of leisure offer, the beaches, the clime, and the cultural offer. Likewise, she remarked that the city can be proud of being a tourist destiny that has overcomes the seasonality.

Characterization of the tourist

National market has still been the main source of tourist in the city this year. Mainly tourists coming from Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia. Nevertheless, it is notorious that Andalusian tourists represent a 42.34% of the national tourists.

Regarding the labour situation of the tourists in Malaga is mainly employed, the rate of retired people and students is also relevant. The average age is 42.7 years. And if we talk about the level of incomes in the family unit, it is between 1.500 and 2.000 euros.

More frequent motivation for tourist to choose Malaga are leisure and ludic activities, besides culture, clime and the occasion of living the experience. The average budge of each tourist is 733.21 euros, budge that exceeds the one of the previous period which was 563.94 euros.

Own vehicle or plain are the most used transports to come to Malaga. Meanwhile, regarding accommodation, three and four stars hotels are the most reserved. Likewise it is also important the use of friends and family accommodations or houses with tourist purposes.

If tourist were asked about the most demanded activities, walking through the city, gastronomic activities and visiting the historical center, as well as visiting the main museums and monuments, are the most recurrent answer.

And how satisfied is the tourist that visit our town? Results of the study establish that the rate is 8.58 out of 10.

Which aspect tourist rated higher? The attentions and treat they receive, the offer of the gastronomic sector and the security of the city. When they were asked if they were remember the city, almost all interviewed answered affirmatively, besides 93.56% said they will come back.

Characterization of the excursionists

Regarding the nationalities of the international tourists, United Kingdom, France, Holland and Germany are the main countries.

84.24% of the excursionists said that the principal reason to visit Malaga was for vocational purposes. But once they arrived, the main reasons were the cultural resources attraction and clime. The average expense of the excursionists was 72.44 euros, doubling the expense of the previous year.

Finally, among the variety of activities to be developed in the city, tourists and excursionists remarked gastronomic activities, visiting museums and monuments. They rated the city over 8 pointing leisure offer, attentions and received treat, environment and city security as the more remarkable aspects of the city.