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Cetelem Bank, a company leader in consumer loans and credits in Europa and Spain, presented recently its third Celeme e-Commerce Observatory.

The analysis focuses on the buying process by Spanish consumers from a number of devices used to connect, search and end the purchase.

The audience was questioned about their sources of information they take into account before buying a product. The 57% said they take the decision with information coming from friends and family.

The 62% get the information from the web in which they will do the purchase. The 27% use the social networks and the 39% visit the physical store. It is quite remarkable that a 37% got information from social networks in 2015 whereas this fell 10 points in 2016. But the main difference between these two years is in the request for information in the physical store, which fell 12 points.

A further question of this e-commerce survey in Spain was about the place from where the buying process in the internet took place. The 96% said from home. Second most repeated answer was from office.

Frequency was also studied in this survey on e-Commerce in Spain. The most voted answer was less than once in a month supported by the 33% of the audience. This is 10 points below 2015. Second option was once in a month with the 28% of answers.

The 62% of Spanish internet users visit the physical shop before buying on the web; the 31% does not; and only the 7% said they always visit the physical store before any online purchase.