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Social responsibility is becoming globally a key for business strategy success among companies all around the world. These organizations deliver a human and fair relationship with their employees, transparency and a concern for the social, enviromental, and economic impact of their activities, products, and services.

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility so important?

The perception that consumers have of a particular company have an impact on their behaviour towards this business. Being really competitive nowadays implies a real commitment with society. Consumers would rather buy any product or service from companies that share their concerns.

Beyond compliance

This new vision whithin the corporate world was so necessary that certain offical standards have been set in order to identify those companies that meet the requirements to be considered “socially responsible companies” en different areas: safety, clean company, etc.

Socially responsible companies carry on a number of practices and business strategies oriented to the balance of three essential elements: economic boost, environmental sustainability, and public welfare.

These elements give way to state-of-the-art managing models at all levels. A typical signal of concern on social responsability is shown when a company is aware that the business health relies on the employees health; so the organization involves itself with the welfare of each of them in the understanding that a happy and satisfied workforce adds value to the business.

The result is that non-governmental organizations, authorities, talented workforce, suppliers and users will be attracted by these companies that meet sustainability and other ethical values.