3 Free Online Marketing Courses

From ActionMK we would like to provide you with information on 3 Online Marketing coursesWe are looking forward to your visit, so that you can expand your knowledge in this sector that will undoubtedly bring benefits to your business.

We start with Google Adwords course

The certification of Google AdWords is a professional accreditation that Google offers to people who demonstrate a high level of expertise on the basics and advanced aspects of AdWords. This certification indicates that Google recognises these individuals as experts in online advertising.

To become a certified AdWords professional, you must pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam. and one of the following tests: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising or Shopping Advertising.

When you purchase the certificate, you can quickly link the certificate to your LinkedIn social network profile..

Important! If you have not registered with Google PartnersYou must do so in order to access the AdWords certification exams and get certified. See the article Register for AdWords Google Partners.
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Free Inbound Certification Course

These Online Marketing courses from HubSpot Academy consists of 12 classes covering 4 stages of the inbound methodology. From optimising your website, to understanding the structure of a landing page, to making the most of your inbound sales skills. This certification course is free of charge.

It also offers you 13 free marketing and sales tools to put your knowledge of the inbound methodology into practice.

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Online Marketing Courses for Law Firms

This course on legal service marketingwill teach you how to produce a better and higher quality service so that you will be able to increase your clientele and you will be able to build the loyalty of more customers that you want to have.

The law is a business that is all about knowing how to sell a specific legal technique.. If you want to position yourself as a law professional, this course will help you to learn different marketing strategies specially oriented to this market.

If you are a lawyer new to the legal professionYou will learn to develop the skills and tools to excel in the area of your choice.

This course is delivered by the online learning platform Udemy. It is aimed at all lawyers who are in free practice or who work in public or private practice. who wish to learn how to build customer loyalty and thus produce a quality legal service for the clientele they want to build.

This course does not require any additional technical knowledge. You will only need a desire to learn and enthusiasm to achieve professional success.

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