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With the Kit Consulting programme, you will be able to have a Digital Consultancy Voucher that will allow you to access consultancy services.

Programme support
"Kit Consulting

Kit Consulting is the Spanish Government's aid programme that allows SMEs like yours to designing the roadmap for your digital transformation. It is a Digital Advice Voucher The amount of money to be spent on the recruitment of the advisory services.

  • Between 10 and less than 50 employees
  • Between 50 and less than 100 employees
  • Between 100 and less than 250 employees

It is a voucher for the purchase of services that are already offered on the market. The voucher allows access to services provided by approved companies.

We can help you in the whole process, from the preparation of the project, to the presentation and execution of the activity.

If you meet the requirements set out in the rules of the call for proposals to obtain the assistance of the Consulting Kit, you will have the opportunity to receive a specialised and personalised Digital Advice Voucher.

  • SMEs
  • Micro-SMEs
  • Self-employed
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What is the programme
Kit Consulting?

Against the backdrop of economic recovery and digital transformation, the Spanish Government has set up the programme Kit Consulting to promote the progress of small and medium-sized enterprises. This programme, which forms part of the Recovery, Transformation and Economic Resilience Plan, is presented as an opportunity for Spanish SMEs to make a qualitative leap in their digitalisation.

Managed by Red.esKit Consulting, part of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and the Civil Service, presents a budget of 300 million euros, financed by the European Union through NextGenerationEU funds.

From May 2024 to December 2025, Kit Consulting offers SMEs with 10 to less than 250 employees, a personalised digital consulting itinerary. This pathway includes specialised services in data analytics, data analysis, digital sales, business processes, digital transformation, among others. Financial support is scaled according to the size of the company, with amounts ranging from €12,000 to €24,000, ensuring that every SME can find its way in the digital era.


300 Million Euro for the implementation of digital solutions and promotion of the digitalisation of SMEs.

Between 10 and less than 50 employees

12.000 €

Between 50 and less than 100 employees

18.000 €

Between 100 and less than 250 employees

24.000 €

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