The constant changes in consumer preferences require a deep understanding of the market. In this sense, market research is essential to understand who you are targeting and how to strategically orientate actions and resources. At AcciónMK, we carry out market research in Malaga, Andalusia and Madrid that will provide you with detailed information about your business and target audience. This way, you will be able to implement more effective actions, adapt quickly to changes in the environment and make more informed decisions.

How do we do market research?

All market research quotes we provide are customised and tailored to each client, but we always follow a process that combines qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

    • We define the objectives: It is essential to identify the objectives of the market research. To do this, we ask ourselves: What information do we need to obtain? What questions are we seeking to answer?

    • We select the appropriate methodology: We choose the best qualitative and quantitative research techniques according to the established objectives and the needs of each company: surveys, demographic data analysis...

    • Data collection: We implement the necessary tools and resources to obtain relevant data on the target market, competitors, industry trends and consumer behaviour.

    • Detailed analysis: We process and analyse the data collected in the market research to draw meaningful conclusions. We identify patterns, trends and key opportunities that can benefit your decision making.

    • We prepare a full market research report: We prepare detailed reports that present in a clear and understandable way the results of the market research, as well as recommendations and strategies based on the analysed data.

    • Personalised advice: We accompany you throughout all phases of the market research so that you can make informed decisions based on the results of the research.

Types of Market Research

With our market research in Malaga, Andalusia and Madrid, we provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions and develop effective marketing strategies. We show you the profile of your current and potential customers, what they expect to get from your product and where is the best place to advertise it. 

    • Quantitative market research: We carry out statistical analyses and design hypotheses to obtain accurate data on the behaviour of your target audience in the market. With them you will be able to obtain relevant information to carry out specific actions, such as designing new products or segmenting your payment campaigns.

    • Qualitative market research: We analyse your customers' needs, habits, motivations and expectations so that you can understand why they react in a certain way to a product or service. It will allow you to discover how your customers perceive your brand and help you build long-term relationships with them.

    • Ad hoc market studies: Do you need information quickly about a specific aspect of your target audience? We create "ad hoc" market research for a specific project according to your needs. It will allow you to get information in a short period of time and make more effective decisions.


Market research is research to collect, analyse and understand relevant information about a specific market, including its consumers, competitors and trends.

Market research is carried out to better understand the environment in which a company operates, allowing a better understanding of the conditions, trends and characteristics of a specific market. It is essential to conduct them in order to:

  • Know your audiencehelps to identify who your potential customers are, their needs, preferences, buying behaviour and relevant market segments.
  • Assessing competenceThe following is an example: it allows us to understand how other actors position themselves in the market, what strategies they employ, what their strengths and weaknesses are...
  • Informed decision-makingThe "strategic information": provides key information to decide on strategic issues, such as product development, pricing, marketing strategies, geographic expansion, among others.
  • Reducing risksby better understanding the market, potential risks can be anticipated and mitigated, avoiding unnecessary investments or ineffective strategies.
  • Identifying opportunitiesThe "Business Opportunity Mapping": allows you to detect business opportunities that might be going unnoticed, untapped areas or relevant market niches.

The market studies are a specific part of market research.

The market research encompasses a broader approach that includes the analysis of data, trends, behaviours and market variables in general, while a market study focuses on a particular aspect or a specific market issue.

Market research can provide detailed information on market demographics, purchasing behaviour, consumer preferences, competitor analysis, market trends, among other data relevant to business decisions.

Market research in Malaga can be of great help to your company by providing valuable information that will allow you to improve products or services, identify growth opportunities, better understand customers, optimise marketing strategies and make more informed and accurate business decisions.

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