Strategy Maps Roberts Kaplan David Norton

The Strategic Maps are the management innovation that has brought most value to organisations in recent years, as they achieve a challenge that previously seemed impossible: to make tangible something that had always been considered intangible, strategy.
The WCC is a methodology that has allowed us to concretise the strategy in more understandable terms for the organisation, facilitating the alignment of personal objectives with the strategic objectives.
The BSC is a management model that has helped us to bring the strategy closer to all employees, to align behaviours and decisions with the strategy, to change attitudes.
The BSC is a powerful help to dynamise and transform our company, to homogenise and share our strategy and objectives, and to establish a single management model after the merger of different companies.
The authors of this book are Robert S. Kaplan and David Nortontwo of the world's most renowned authors for the creation of the Balence Scorecard, a means of linking a company's current actions to its long-term goals.

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