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Cetelem Bank, a company leader in consumer loans and credits in Europa and Spain, presented recently its third Celeme e-Commerce Observatory.

The analysis focuses on the buying process by Spanish consumers from a number of devices used to connect, search and end the purchase.

The audience was questioned about their sources of information they take into account before buying a product. The 57% said they take the decision with information coming from friends and family.

The 62% get the information from the web in which they will do the purchase. The 27% use the social networks and the 39% visit the physical store. It is quite remarkable that a 37% got information from social networks in 2015 whereas this fell 10 points in 2016. But the main difference between these two years is in the request for information in the physical store, which fell 12 points.

A further question of this e-commerce survey in Spain was about the place from where the buying process in the internet took place. The 96% said from home. Second most repeated answer was from office.

Frequency was also studied in this survey on e-Commerce in Spain. The most voted answer was less than once in a month supported by the 33% of the audience. This is 10 points below 2015. Second option was once in a month with the 28% of answers.

The 62% of Spanish internet users visit the physical shop before buying on the web; the 31% does not; and only the 7% said they always visit the physical store before any online purchase.

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AcciónMK developed a study on the characterization of the advertising, marketing, and communication sector in Andalusia. It was introduced at the IMEX Extenda congress by the managing director of AcciónMK, Manuela Aránega. With the aim of supporting organizations working in this business area, AcciónMK offers this study to any interested particular person.

The objective is obtaining a vision of the reality of this sector and its internationalization potential.

Snapshot of the Andalusian sector

The 35% of the companies of the sector are advertising agencies. The 21,56% are focused of photography. The third kind of organization with a wider presence in Andalusia is dedicated to Design and Creativity.

The 8,23% of the business are Marketing Consultants.

This the Top 3 services offered by this sector:

  • The 21% of the companies give graphic design services (packaging, graphics, signage, etc.).
  • The 15,6% deliver photography services.
  • The 15,4% offer web design services.

Regarding the geographical distribution of this sector in Andalusia, Málaga is the city with a higher number of organizations, namely 3.432 companies (29,7%). Seville is quite near with 2.988 businesses (25,9%). Huelva is the last one in number of companies with only 357 (3%). The total number of Andalusian organizations in the Advertising, Marketing and Communication sector is 11.525.

The 65,4% of this companies have not gone international. Nevertheless, there is a 34,6% which have conducted some kind of measures to go international:

  • The 11,2% have executed some projects of deployment abroad.
  • The 10,3% have promoted itself actively and also achieved services export to third countries.
  • The 13,1% received one or more requests from international customers occasionally.
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Social responsibility is becoming globally a key for business strategy success among companies all around the world. These organizations deliver a human and fair relationship with their employees, transparency and a concern for the social, enviromental, and economic impact of their activities, products, and services.

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility so important?

The perception that consumers have of a particular company have an impact on their behaviour towards this business. Being really competitive nowadays implies a real commitment with society. Consumers would rather buy any product or service from companies that share their concerns.

Beyond compliance

This new vision whithin the corporate world was so necessary that certain offical standards have been set in order to identify those companies that meet the requirements to be considered “socially responsible companies” en different areas: safety, clean company, etc.

Socially responsible companies carry on a number of practices and business strategies oriented to the balance of three essential elements: economic boost, environmental sustainability, and public welfare.

These elements give way to state-of-the-art managing models at all levels. A typical signal of concern on social responsability is shown when a company is aware that the business health relies on the employees health; so the organization involves itself with the welfare of each of them in the understanding that a happy and satisfied workforce adds value to the business.

The result is that non-governmental organizations, authorities, talented workforce, suppliers and users will be attracted by these companies that meet sustainability and other ethical values.

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The number of companies devoted to manufacture jewelry and costume jewelry articles and the like is of 2,420 according to the Spanish Statistics National Institute (INE, in its Spanish initials). More than a 24% of these businesses are based in Andalusia. In fact, 457 of them are to be found in Córdoba, which means nearly two thirds of the Andalusian jewelry business.

The importance of the jewelry sector in Córdoba is due to its weight in this sector in Andalusian, as well as to its size in relation to the manufacturing industry in Córdoba. The Andalusian business directory states this sector is the 12,2% of the manufacturing industry in the city (source: Andalusian Statistics Institute, IECA). This is ten percentage points above the weight of these organizations in the regional (2,5%) and national (1,4%) productive network (INE).

Futhermore, as regards the relation between the growth sales and production, each euro linked to the jewelry sector means an increase of 2,3 euros in production. With respect to employment every million of euros of increased demand is translated into 672 additional jobs in the economy of Córdoba.

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In short, it is neuroscience techniques applied to marketing.

What is its objective?

Finding and understanding the levels of attention that people pay to different stimuli. Neural activity is then the approach to explain people’s behaviour.

Marketing is using these techquines in pursue of decisions efficiency. The purpose is finding out which are the stimuli to which people pay more attention and which are the ones that have no direct influence upon behaviours. A more comprehensive and better understanding of people is the goal, nothing to do with manipulating anybody.

The neuromarketing analysis is carried out by a number of techniques that show results at the momment, whereas other analysis are rather based on remembrance.

These techniques pursue measurable and quantitative efforts instead of relying on personal subjectivity. It should be kept in mind that unconscious decisions are heavier than conscious in any buying situation, though it may seem the other way around.

Then, what is neuromarketing?

It identifies stimuli and is applied to different fields, from advertising graphics to heat maps that allow the identification of the areas people look at. These stimuli are later analysed and studied to be accordingly included in strategies and pieces of ad.

Advertising is moving towards an experimental approach. It now uses seductive stories taking the audience to emotional fields. This means more “irrational” fields which –as said above– have a heavier weight in a buying decision.

In general terms, this exhaustive knowledge will lead to tailored made products in which segmentation will be much bigger than what is now experienced and with subtler stimuli.