Online Shop with WooCommerce from scratch

Ready, steady, Shop online!

What I will learn
This course, given by Udemyshows in detail how to implement a online shop on your website, to sell products in a functional and professional way. This is a free course and is taught online.
Eligibility requirements
It is necessary to have a domain and a hosting with which we are going to work individually.
Online Store With WooCommerce From Scratch, is a course focused on people who need to have an online webshop in which they can sell their products, whether physical, virtual or digital, without having any previous experience.
The methods presented here are simple and easy to follow, which will give you a fully functional online shop at the end of the course.
Who is it aimed at?
For anyone who is interested in setting up an online shop on their website. No previous knowledge is required, as the course is taught from scratch.
Part 1: Purchasing Hosting Service and Installing WordPress ,2 classes
Part 2: Installing and Configuring Woocommerce, 3 classes
Part 3: Configuring Taxes and Personalising Emails, 2 classes
Part 4: Adding Products and Configuring Options, 2 classes
Part 5: How to manage our shop, 1 lesson
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