Ranking of the top 10 exporting companies in Andalusia

Andalusia did it again, in 2018 broke its own recordexporting products and services worth 32,439 million euros, equivalent to 19.4% of GDP. Already in 2017 it did so with a value of €30,913 million, as we shared on our blog.

Compared to 2017, the international sales have grown by 4.9%. Although, as a result of the slowdown in international growth, between January and March 2019, a slight decrease of 0.07% was observed, exporting products worth 8,311 million euros. This is due to the reduction in aeronautical exports and raw materials, such as copper and iron, caused by the confrontations between the United States and China. Despite this, exports of agri-foodstuffs and energy products have increased. This is what the study carried out for 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 in the magazine Andalucía Económica informs us.

Andalusia achieved a surplus of 9,437 million euros.

Compared to the 8,708 million deficit at the national level. Andalusia once again occupies second place in the national ranking, with 11.4% of the total, and has come close to trade balance thanks to a coverage rate of 99.8%.

The overall provincial ranking of exporters in 2018 is:

  1. Huelva with 7,752 million euros, with 23.91 billion PT3T of the total, growing by 21.41 billion PT3T.
  2. Seville with 7,192 million euros, a decrease of 5.21 bn Q3Q3.
  3. Cadiz with 7,067 million euros, growing by 13.7%.
  4. Almeria with 3,843 million euros, growing by 6.2%.
  5. Cordoba with 2,192 million euros, decreasing by 10.6%.
  6. Malaga with 2,056 million euros, decreasing by 6.5%.
  7. Jaén with 1,176 million euros, decreasing by 7.11 Q3Q3.
  8. Grenada with 1,164 million euros, decreasing by 2.6%.

Andalusia exported 10,697 million euros worth of agri-food products in 2018. National leader with 22.6% of the total and world exports of olive oil (2.486.000.000€). Exports of aeronautical products exceed those of olive oil by 206 million euros, and high and medium technology stands out (7,542,000,000,000 euros).

In 2018, the products that have experienced the highest growth were:

  1. Fuels (+46%).
  2. Minerals (+8.5%).
  3. Fruit (+7.3%).
  4. Electrical appliances and equipment (+6%).

Between January and March 2019, the sector that has experienced the greatest growth in third countries is the agri-food sector. Vegetables (+14.04%), fruit (+11.5%) and olive oil (+10.2%) were the most sold.

The key to success has been the increase in the variety of products and the diversification of destinations.

The European Union continues to be the main destination for Andalusian exports, with a turnover of 19,917 million euros, which represents 61.4% of exports. Likewise, for Spain it represents 65.6% of sales. After the EU, the second continent with the highest demand is Asia, with a turnover of 3,519 million euros, accounting for 10.91 billion TTP3T of total exports. Followed by America, with a turnover of 3,032 million euros (9.4%); Africa, with a turnover of 2,542 million euros (7.8%) and Oceania and PR, with a turnover of 173 million euros (0.5%), which has experienced a growth of 22.5%.

"Andalusia, the pantry of Europe".

The top 10 countries to which Andalusia exports most are:

  1. Germany (€3,907m).
  2. France (€3,358m).
  3. Italy (€2,392m).
  4. United Kingdom (€2,282m).
  5. Portugal (€2,074m).
  6. United States (€1.66 billion).
  7. Morocco (€1,462 million).
  8. China (€1,367m).
  9. Belgium (€1,061m).
  10. Netherlands (€1,043m).

Italy (+30.02%), the US (+11.6%), the UK (+10.1%) and Morocco (+9.5%) experienced the strongest growth during the first quarter of 2019.

Andalusia's progress between 2009 and 2018.

Andalusia has increased its exports by 124%, pocketing 17,961 million euros more in this period. We have grown 46 points more than the average for Spain (+78%) and is currently in second place in the Spanish ranking. The deficit has decreased from 3,596 to 80 million euros, almost achieving trade balance, with a coverage rate of 99.8%.

In addition, we can observe an increase in the number of exporting companies and in related employment:

  • Number of exporters in 2018: 24,107
  • Number of exporters in 2009: 16,591
  • Number of regular exporters in 2018: 5,295
  • Number of regular exporters in 2009: 3,982
  • Employment linked to internationalisation 2018: 201,842
  • Employment linked to internationalisation 2009: 386.303

As mentioned above, both the diversification of products and destinations have boosted Andalusian exports. Agri-food exports have grown by 95%, and specifically, sales of olive oil by 130%. High and medium technology exports increased by +148%, especially aeronautical products (+234%).

In 2009, more than 1 billion euros were exported to 4 countries alone. Today, the same amount is exported to 10 countries, to 3 countries twice as much and to 2 countries three times as much. During these years, sales to Asia have increased by 242%, in Africa by 124% more, in America by 75% and in the European Union by 61.4%.

Andalusian exports grew by 95% in the last decade. This resulted in a positive balance in the Andalusian trade balance of 6,326 million euros.

Andalusia closed 2018 with 3410 agri-food companies exporting.

From January to March 2019, according to data from ExtendaIn the first quarter of 2019, Andalusian agricultural products were exported for a value of 3,346 million euros, 11.1% more than in the same quarter of the previous year. In this quarter, Spain has been the most exported country, accounting for 40% of total Andalusian exports in the first quarter of 2019 (8,311 million euros).

Top 10 Exporting Companies in Andalusia.

According to Andalucía Económica magazine, the ranking of Andalusian exporting companies is as follows:

  1. Cepsa ( €)
  2. Acerinox Europa, S.A.U. (926,000,000 €)
  3. Atlantic Copper, S.L.U. (897.000.000 €)
  4. Cosentino Group (876.220.000 €)
  5. Renault España, S.A. (727.210.000 €)
  6. Airbus Defence and Space (718.560.000 €)
  7. Miguel Gallego, S.A., (650.000.000 €)
  8. Valeo Iluminación, S.A.U. (620,910,000 €)
  9. Cunext Copper Industries, S.L. (560.600.000 €)
  10. Minas de Aguas Teñidas, S.A.U. (538,660,000 €)



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