18 years of ActionMK

On Thursday 2nd December we held one of the most important events we have done throughout our history as a company, celebrating "coming of age" 18 years since our company was created. And like all coming of age birthdays it was celebrated in style. For a good celebration party there are many things that are important but there are two that are always fundamental, the place where it is celebrated and the guests who attend the party.

Reception 18th anniversary celebration

Being the occasion that it was, the place chosen to celebrate this event was none other than the incredible Palacio Monte Miramar located in one of the best areas of Malaga. This with its majestic entrance to the building was used as a reception and photocall for the guests.

Photocall ActionMK

For the team of AcciónMK and Clave 3 it was used as a meeting room before the event to leave everything ready and detailed for when the event started. The back garden of the Monte Miramar Palace was where the cocktail party was held where guests could enjoy drinks and snacks before the meal.

Cocktail celebration 18th anniversary AcciónMK

And the lunch was held in an area adjacent to the garden where the cocktail party was being held, a glass enclosed area, where we enjoyed an incredible lunch menu and then had drinks at the open bar.

Lunch to celebrate the 18th anniversary of AcciónMK

Second but not least are the guests who were at the event and as it could not be otherwise as well as the place selected for this great occasion, the guests at the event were also of a very high level and important for us. Among them was the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre Prado, and other important mayors and councillors. Our clients who are the most important to us and without them we could not have reached where we are today and also to all the team working in AcciónMK and Clave 3 to celebrate their great work, professionalism and dedication that they have given to our company.

mayor of malaga celebrates 18 years of accionmk

During this event before the meal there was a small game to encourage communication between the different guests and after this there were some speeches. Francisco de la Torre Prado, Mayor of Malaga, congratulated our company for its growth and good work, where it is positioning Malaga as a reference in Marketing and also encouraged the company to continue working as it is now and even that other companies should take AcciónMK and Clave 3 as an example. Afterwards, Inmaculada Villegas Rubio, head of administration at AcciónMK, gave a speech thanking all the clients for choosing us and all the employees of AcciónMK and Clave 3 for the work carried out over the years, which has made it possible for the company to be where it is now, being one of the most important marketing companies on a national level and starting to have an impact on an international level.

AcciónMK and Clave3 Team

This day and this event will remain in the memories of many and a great memory for our company. Just a big thank you to all the guests and staff who made this event possible for doing a great job and a magnificent day not to be forgotten.

AcciónMK's team of professionals



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