The importance and advantages of a good brand image

Nowadays, it is not enough to offer a good product, to have a bad product, to have a good product, and to have a bad product. brand image can spell disaster for your company.

A brand and a well-designed corporate image makes itself stand out to our senses, especially in the sense of sight, and makes it stand out from other companies.

Positioning and brand image are closely related, which is why every day more and more companies are concerned about creating a good brand or updating the one they already have. Below, we show you the MAIN ADVANTAGES what you can get from the fact of having a good design for your brand.

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5 advantages of a good brand image


The first advantage of a good brand image is to have a visual brand that is in line with the values of your company and the sector to which it belongs is a great advantage when it comes to standing out from your competitors' brands.

In many sectors the situation is highly competitive and this makes you stand out from other companies that provide the same product as you.

  1. TRUST

This is one of the most important aspects. If we put ourselves in the customer's shoes, would you take seriously a business with a poorly branded image? Obviously not. Your professionalism and the quality you offer will be judged from the outset by your image.


Many times we buy products, not only for the product itself but also for what the brand conveys to you, such as in the case of Apple o Starbucksfor example. Your good brand image gives your product added value.


In relation to the previous point, the fact that your product has added value thanks to a good brand image allows you to raise prices and increase your level of business, as customers will be more willing to pay more for your product.


The latest advantage of a good brand image that we discuss in this post is related to virality. If your brand and product are more attractive and beautiful, it encourages customers to buy it, give it as a gift, share it, photograph it, etc.



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