At AcciónMK we carry out International Digital Marketing Plans.

ActionMK is the company in charge in Eastern Andalusia of carrying out the Extenda's International Digital Marketing Plans, programme which aims to to promote the internationalisation of Andalusian companies and offer support in terms of training, information, consultancy, promotion and financing.

This programme covers all types of companies involved in more than 40 sectors, which can be grouped into 4 main sectors: agri-food, consumer, industry and services.

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How we carry out International Digital Marketing Plans

We carry out the whole process with each of the assigned companies, which includes the following actions, once we Extenda the assigned company informs us:

  • First meeting with the company to introduce itself, gather information, decide on the countries of internationalisation (2 countries) and resolve doubts.
  • Analysis of the current situation of both the company in question and the competition in the selected target countries.
  • Second meeting at the company's premises where the internal and external analysis carried out by AcciónMK is presented.
  • Definition of objectives, strategies and actions to be implemented in the target countries related to the marketing department.
  • Third meeting to present the strategies and actions defined, as well as the final budget for the cost of all actions and the planning for one year to implement all actions.
  • Sending the Plan to Extenda for review and approval.
  • Once approved by Extenda, the final Plan is sent to the company.

Through this process, both the company and AcciónMK, generate a continuous connection to resolve any problems or doubts that may arise, as well as to redirect the Plan in the event that different choices are made with respect to the different competitive, sector or country analyses.

For all these reasons and because of the potential of these Plans, as they allow companies to have a broad analysis of themselves, their competitors, the sector, the countries chosen for the internationalisation and the different actions recommended to be carried out, with the aim of introducing and to become known in these countriesas well as increase salesWe believe that this is a great opportunity to take the leap and expand internationally, as thanks to this support, many companies lose their fear of continuing to grow, seeing that with objectives and a studied and planned strategy, it is possible to grow internationally.

From here we want to encourage all companies that have not yet applied to do so to do so or in case they are not informed, to request and ask for information. For our part, we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and help in any aspect related to the application or the process to be able to carry out this project with Extenda, as we consider it a great opportunity for companies to increase their sales, make themselves known in other countries and continue to grow.



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