Create your own brand: Unique, different and personal


If you are thinking of setting up your company, you are an entrepreneur or you would like to creating your own personal or corporate brand and you need help, this post is written for you.

When we decide to start a business, it is difficult to find that perfect name that identifies us in a market saturated with brands, products, services, etc. We want to find a word with which we feel identified, we are original, it sounds good, it refers to the product or service we offer, it shows one or more qualities, etc. And so we could make an endless list of criteria that should globalise the name of our personal or corporate brand.

The choice of a name often gives us headaches, especially since we need our brand:

  • Sea different in the sector and mark the distance with the competence.
  • Reflect the quality of our work.
  • Inspire to our target audience and generate trust in it.
  • Communicate each of the values we want to transmit.

From our point of view, a brand must:

  • Having your own personality and be herself.
  • To be unique and different to what is available on the market.
  • Be aimed at a specific target group who needs what we offer.
  • Provide experiences, sensations and moments unique through branding.
  • Communicating messages clear.

Examples of brands that bring all these concepts together are Ikea, the Bad Mothers' Club or for example the personal brand created by Irene Villa.

When entrepreneurs or SMEs already have their brand, marketing professionals are faced with the following situation:

Entrepreneurs/SMEs have put all their energy into the job but they are not concerned with creating a differentiated brand image that would allow them to stand out from the competition, either due to a lack of knowledge of the importance of the subject, lack of resources or time.

In most cases, it is thought that the best way to distinguish oneself in the market is through variables such as price, peculiarities of the product/service, promotions,... leaving aside other important aspects such as using all the resources and tools available to us, such as Internet, Direct and Online Marketing, advertising brochures, newsletters,...

AcciónMK would like to share with you how to create a brand in 5 stepsTo do this, the first question we have to ask ourselves is: Do you speak 2.0?



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