Employer Branding

This week we are going to talk about Employer Branding or employer branding. We will also give you some of the actions you can take to develop your employer brand. Marketing strategy.

The Employer Branding is the application of the principles of Marketing to human resources management, with the aim of providing the company with certain attributes that position it as a benchmark employer in the market, thus achieving a competitive advantage over its competitors. To this end, it relies on the company's human capital, so that they become ambassadors of the company.

This concept is gaining increasing importance due to the publication of various studies such as that of "The Undercover which reveal that 1,000 employees of a company can reach one million customers, achieve more than 50,000 social engagement and generate 5000 content pieces.

When we talk about promoting our brand of Employer Branding through Social Media, most people only think about LinkedIn which is the reference network when it comes to online job search, in this post we are going to give you some less conventional ideas:

  • Twitter: It is a good way to promote job applications, linking articles from the company's blog where employees talk about their experience. You can post a Tweet with the company's value proposition. Some companies create a profile of each employee in which the employee appears in the profile picture with the company logo, so that the employee is also the brand. This option requires a committed team trained in the proper use of Social Media.

  • Facebook: You can post images and videos of the workers where they can be seen in their day-to-day work and talk about their experience. In addition, Facebook allows you to develop gamification actions, a clear example of this being Marriot Hotel. They developed in 2012 a game on Facebook called ".My Marriot Hotel".. Through it, players experienced first-hand the experience of managing a hotel and in return received points for good service or prizes if they generated profits in their virtual hotel.
  • Blog: The creation of a blog written by the employees of the company where they tell their experience, success stories... is a great idea. On the one hand, future candidates will have a more real image of what it means to work in the company, this will serve to create emotional ties between employees and the company.

Do you use some of these actions in your company? Do you use others? As always, we would like to know your opinion about this new post or about any question you would like to share with us.



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