How to post multiple photos in the same Instagram story

Instagram is a photography social network where interaction with the public is fundamental. We all want to impress our followers by posting amazing, attention-grabbing photos, getting likes and comments.

Instagram stories have been gaining a lot of weight over time, being for many profiles their main source of sharing content.

That's why new ways to create stories are popping up all the time. When the feature to put two photos in one Instagram story appeared on iOS, everyone went crazy trying to find a method for Android.

Previously, it was necessary to download third-party apps, change the keyboard method, 'post' from Facebook, or otherwise tinker with our phone in order to find an effective way to upload two photos in an Instagram story.

Today, after several updates, everything has been simplified in an incredible way, so that you can do it from the Instagram application itself, without the need to install third-party content.

Instagram is a native mobile application, so trying to work this network from a pc is sometimes a more tedious task, that's why we show you how to do it. how to upload photos to Instagram from a PC

Create a collage on Instagram Stories.

If what we want is to join two or more photos in our stories to make a collage or a montage, we can take advantage of the collage tool offered by Instagram.

To do this, all we have to do is go to the Stories tab, where we will find a drop-down menu on the left with different options offered by the application to design our story. In this menu, we must press the collage icon (called 'design'), it is the third option on the list, where, in addition, by clicking on the icon, it offers us different types of mosaics for our story, allowing us to choose as we wish.

This tool allows us to put together several photos directly from the camera, although afterwards, of course, we can add filters, gifs, music, effects, etc.

Put several photos in the same story.

This option is much newer, and may even catch many by surprise if they have not updated their application.

Instagram has also added for Android the option that previously existed on iOS to put multiple photos in the story directly from the application.

To do this is simple, we only have to put a photo, as has always been done, and then, scrolling up or from the 'stickers' icon, we will see that they have added a new tool, a grey circle with a square icon with a + sign inside.

This tool gives us the option to add as many photos from our gallery as we want to our story.

It is a very useful tool, as it eliminates the need to use third-party applications or any tricks, and solves this problem for Android users in a really simple way.

This, coupled with the new addition of external links, which can now be used by any user in the form of a sticker, is helping more of the social network's consumers to impact their followers and capture attention more effectively.

Now that Instagram has provided us with this tool, it's your time to try it out. Try posting several photos with this new feature and see if you can increase your engagement.



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