Latest developments in SEO voice search

Like us at AccionMK, we're sure you've heard a lot about voice search and the changes it may bring for SEO positioning of your website.

It's time we put this issue on the table and start talking about it, don't you think?

To this end, we would like to show you a few tips for these Internet searches:

Did you know that Comscore (an Internet marketing research company) forecasts that half of all searches will be conducted by voice for the year 2020?

In addition, the 61% of persons between the ages of 25 and 64 say that will use their voice devices moreaccording to PwC data.

These are just a few facts, and it is clear that this is a current trend that will force companies to be attentive to how users interact with virtual assistants.

What are the changes brought about by voice search?

But this kind of searches bring some peculiarities that you should be aware of. There are some differences when we do written searches and when we use virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant in our voice searches and here we bring you some of these changes:

  • Language: The reality is that the way we write and speak is different. This, as you will understand, influences how we make queries with virtual assistants and therefore there are differences between how we make queries when we write them and when we speak them.
  • When we speak, we tend to formulate a question or a complete sentence, whereas when we write we tend to write down the important words of our query.
  • Another peculiarity for SEO in voice search is that the place where you are located has more weight in the search.. If we use "Museums near me" as an example of a query, the results you get will be associated with the place where you are at that moment.
  • They know your context: The results that will appear will be based on your tastes and your recent activity on the device, whether you have browsed the internet or used an app. If we are referring to Google, it will take into account if you have searched for clothes in a shop or if you have watched a video on another platform and will use it to give you a better result.



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SEO recommendations for voice search

As you have seen, it is important that we take into account these variations in order to make good SEO practices in view of the importance of voice search.. To do so, we are going to give you some recommendations for SEO by voice search:

  • The coveted zero positionPosition zero is the answer that places Google in a prominent position above the others and that is above the organic answers. Reaching this position is difficult, however, you can work on it by using snippets and appear in this position in these searches.
  • Local SeoLocal SEO: By this we mean SEO practices that aim to get users in your city to find you and get to know you. One practice to improve local SEO is to use the Google My Business application to configure your business and its location, this way you will appear in the first results when users search for your business and they will have more information about your business.
  • Semantic SEO for voice search. As we said before, in these consultations we tend to ask questions and use a more colloquial and common language. As a consequence, we have to do SEO in this sense, taking into account how the user will use the virtual assistants to make their queries, do not lose sight of your buyer persona!
  • Watch out for snippetsSnippets are HTML codes that integrate data with relevant information that improves the quality of search engine results. With these snippets you can include information such as opinions, location, people, songs, etc. that will enrich your content and allow you to be more attractive to Google, having the opportunity to appear in position zero.
  • Responsive website. Making your website responsive is important no matter what your users are searching for, as more and more of them are using mobile devices and searching by voice.

You know the SEO trends for voice search and how it differs from written queries, the next step is to follow our recommendations to get good results and make your business more visible in these searches.





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