Market study of the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Market Study


- 40.000 professionals
- 93% of that template have a indefinite contract
- 51% women and 27% are under 29 years of age.
- The pharmaceutical sector is responsible for 21% of the total of Spanish Industrial R&D.
- Spain produces more than 150 billion per year.
- Spain is one of the leading exporting countrieswith the high-tech 27%.
- 2.900 clinical trials of new medicines in the last decade, involving 120,000 patients.

According to this recent market study on the Pharmaceutical Industry, Spain spent 9% of GDP on health spending in 2016.6.3% of GDP is of public origin and 2.6% of private origin. Our country is situated between the United Kingdom, with an expenditure of 9.71 GPTT3T of GDP, and the southern European countries such as Italy and Portugal, with an expenditure of 91 GPTT3T of GDP.

The pharmaceutical spending in Spain accounts for 1.6% of GDP, and of the total of health spendingthe pharmaceutical industry accounts for 18%. Spain is therefore around the European and US average (15%).

In countries such as Mexico, Greece and Hungary, spending on pharmaceuticals exceeds 251 p.p.t.3 of total health expenditure.

The therapeutic group most commonly marketed in pharmacies in Spain is the central nervous system drugs (23%). The following drugs are those related to the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism (17%), those related to cardiovascular pathologies (16%) and those related to the respiratory diseases (10,8%).

If we talk about volume of sales of medicines per therapeutic group amounted to 2,225 million euros. The volume of generic units sold in Spain in 2016 reached 533 million units.

There has been a steady increase in the percentage of generic units, reaching 80% of units dispensed in 2016, and 52.4% in values.

United States is in the top 1 in pharmaceutical spendingwith drug spending expected to be between USD 560 billion and USD 590 billion by 2020. The second place is occupied by ChinaThe EU's development assistance programme, with an expenditure of between $150 and $180 billion, is expected to be implemented by the end of the year. Finally, the podium is completed by JapanThe Spanish government is expected to spend between $79 billion and $89 billion. Spain is expected to spend a maximum of $28 billion by 2020.

Autonomous Communities with the highest health expenditure per capita

Continuing with this market study on the Pharmaceutical Industry, The Basque Country, Navarre and Balearic Islands are the ACs that have higher health expenditure per capita:

  • Basque Country: 2,382 €.
  • Navarre: €2,170
  • Balearic Islands: 2.049 €.

Andalusia, La Rioja and Murcia have the lowest per capita expenditure (€1,577, €1,707 and €1,707 respectively).

Pfizer is the company with the highest turnover: 45,906 million dollars. In second place we can find Novartis with 41,554 million dollars. Spain is led by GSK with a turnover of 753.4 million euros.



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