Marketing events in July

July events

Here is a selection of events and courses related to Marketing in July in Malaga that may be of interest to you:

Course: How to create a content plan

Interactive pill about Rocio Sepúlveda's workshop "How to create a content plan for your companycelebrated in Andalucía Lab, within it, you can find links related to the subject that may be useful to you.

When? Immediately as it is Online.
Where? Junta Andalucia Lab

Webinar: IV Webinar Sports Marketing: Formula 1

The "circus" of Formula 1 exudes glamour, globality, big brands, speed and competitiveness, with a cumulative annual audience estimated at 400 million people. And it is also at a strategically key moment, after Liberty Media's entry into the shareholding of the entity (4.4 billion dollars). One of the objectives is to achieve more engagement with the fan.
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When? 4 July (from 09:30 am to 10:15 am)
Where? Mkt Association
Price: free
Edition: IV
Registration: here

Course: WordPress

In this WordPress Course you will learn how to easily create a WordPress website. Tutorial made by Webempresa experts.

When: Immediately because it is Online.
Where? WebEmpresa
Price: free



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