Target the Moon, recommended book

This month we bring you a very special book. The book you don't want to read, but you know you must. Target the Moon inspires and engages in a surprising game that leads us to find out what we want and seek in life. It invites us to make decisions about the important things: to find our path, what truly makes us happy and fulfilled.
"There is no favourable wind for those who do not know where they are going. This is the life lesson that the protagonist of this book, a successful manager who has settled into a routine, learns thanks to an encounter with a childhood friend, a winner who is determined to recover the same illusion as when he was a child.
The authors of this book "Objective The Moon": Miguel Ruiz Montañez and Daniel Pastor Vega.
Miguel Ruiz Montañez He was born in 1962 in Malaga. He is a restless traveller who has visited every continent in search of the mystery of unsolved enigmas. He is currently a visiting professor at several American universities and, for more than ten years, he has been an associate professor at the University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Daniel Pastor Vega is a doctor, lawyer and economist. He has been president of the Andalusian Council of Economists' Associations, member of the Audit Committee of the Institute of Accounting and Account Auditing (ICAC), national president of the Professional Practice Committee of the Register of Economists and Account Auditors (REA) and national president of the Standards and Procedures Committee of the Register of Economists and Account Auditors (REA).
He is the author of numerous publications, among which we would highlight Informes de la Administración Concursal. He has also written numerous articles on commercial law, and actively participates in the media on business management and coaching in general, which he combines with his teaching activity at conferences, symposia and seminars.

You can buy Objective The Moon in digital version from 7,50 euros; or in paper version for 17 euros.
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