What is a Social Media Marketing Plan and how to create one?

It should not be forgotten that social networks are part of our daily lives, both for those who use them professionally and for society as a whole. We are aware of the sharp increase in the use of social networks by Internet users, and this is demonstrated by the data. According to the IAB Annual Social Media Study 2018, 85 % of internet users aged 16-65 years use social networksThis represents more than 25.5 million users in our country.

This situation has also been detected by brands, generating in them the need to be where their target audience is, taking advantage of this channel to strengthen ties with existing customers and locate potential customers.. Nowadays, it is rare to come across a company that does not have social media, however, it is not so common for companies to have previously defined a social media strategy. Y, without a well-defined strategy, it will be difficult to achieve your social media marketing goals.. It is here that the figure of the Social Media Managerthe person in charge of creating and leading the social media strategy, i.e., the Social Media Marketing Plan.

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What is a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Social media is now more than just a communication tool for brands. It is the perfect place to meet your target audience, learn about their concerns and create a community around the brand. One of the main advantages offered by social networks is the strong segmentation capacity, which allows companies to address the audience that is really potential for their products.

The Social Media Marketing Plan is nothing more than a document outlining the objectives, strategies and actions in the available social mediaaimed at establishing an online channel of communication where the user is always at the centreand aligned to the fulfilment of the company's marketing objectives.

How to create a Social Media Marketing Plan? Step by step.

The following is a list of the basic guidelines for the elaboration of a Social Media Marketing Plan.

  1. Analyses

As with any digital marketing strategy, the analysis of the current situation is indispensable when drawing up an action plan. This analysis must be carried out both internally (SWOT) and externally. We recommend, to set up a briefing The questions we ask include: what do we sell, who do we sell to, what is our current situation, what social platforms do we have available, who is our online competition, what do they do, and many others.

  1. Set your goals


Once the analysis has been done, it is time to begin to defining the objectives. Ask yourself this question: what do we want to achieve? The answer to this question will be your objectives. Social media objectives should be aimed at achieving the company's marketing objectives. They should also be SMART objectives.

What about SMART objectives?

The concept refers to an acronym, which sets out guidelines for defining effective objectives.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realist
  • Timely (defined in time)

Social Media Plan step by step

Some examples of Social Media Marketing Plan objectives These could be: increasing the frequency of purchases, gaining new customers or increasing brand visibility.

  1. Establish your strategies

With what we want to achieve marked out, it is time to determine the way to get there. For this, it is necessary to evaluate the different avenues available, as some objectives may involve different strategies. We will explain this with one of the examples above.

Objective of the Social Media Marketing Plan: to increase the frequency of purchases.

Strategy to be followed: promotion and sales.

  1. Make your actions concrete

Having established the path, it is time to define individually how we are going to achieve everything we set out to do. In other words, it is a matter of specifying actions that can be carried out in social media. In the following example, we explain it.

Objective of the Social Media Marketing Plan: to increase the frequency of purchases.

Strategy to be followed: promotion and sales.

Concrete actions: discount coupons at key periods.

  1. Set your goals

Knowing what is to be done, it is necessary to determine where to put itWe should evaluate the available social platforms and always take into account the location of our target audience. There is no point in being on certain social networks where our potential customers are not found.

  1. Plan

It is time to design the content to be included in each of the actions in social networks, establishing a specific tone of voice, frequency of publications, multimedia material to be used, etc.

  1. Define your KPI's

One of the actions that we always emphasise in the world of digital marketing is measurement. There is no point in investing in social networks if we do not know the impact of the content. To do this, it is necessary to define in advance those metrics that are to be taken into account to determine whether the reach of a publication.

  1. Establish a contingency protocol

This is one of the most neglected tasks for brands, as most of them don't know that they can't do it. how to deal with a social media crisis. For this reason, when defining the Social Media Marketing Plan it is necessary to determine a protocol for dealing with difficult situations.

  1. 3, 2, 1, ... Action

Completed on Social Media Marketing PlanNow it's time to take action. Start creating social media profiles, personalise them and don't forget to include all the corporate information.

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