Strategy or Luck

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Marketing strategies

Whether it is strategy or luck, we all respond to a typology that characterises us in both the personal and business world.

If you are analytical, methodical and prudent, you will be inclined to make decisions based on a strategy (the way we try to make a vision or goal a reality), the basic steps of which are simple:

  1. You define a goal.
  2. You detect and analyse everything that can affect its achievement.
  3. You make a plan to achieve this by saving or building on what you have detected.
  4. You look for resources to help you plan.
  5. You are prepared to react to unforeseen events
  6. You analyse what you have finally achieved.

But reality, like Chess, although it may seem simple, is much more complex.

It is not easy to define a successful objective, nor to identify all the things that can affect its achievement, let alone to draw up a detailed plan that maps out the usefulness of each of the stages.

Therefore, in ActionMk we help you to carry out all these steps in an objective and professional manner. You define the destination and we help you choose the best way to get there.

Some examples of marketing strategies that we could recommend to you are:

1) Green marketingMaking your company linked to values and principles that aim to save the planet generates empathy from your customers and differentiates you from your competitors.

2º) Social marketingIt has a double benefit: not only does it contribute to a noble cause, but it also benefits the company in terms of image. There are many projects that need support and whose coverage is within the reach of small and medium-sized companies.

3) Participatory marketing: Create innovative marketing campaigns that involve the participation of potential customers. Product testing, opinion surveys and competitions are highly effective.

4) Aggressive marketing. Whether it is leveraging a rivalry, supporting a sector or advocating an eye-catching measure, the important thing is that controversy will increase the volume the brand has in the media and its differentiation in the consumer's mind. However, for it to work, it is important to act with finesse.

However, if you are intuitive, emotional and impulsive, luck plays a very important role in your daily life and it is impossible to foresee, control or plan what your next step will be. Your decision making could be like a roulette wheel and in these cases ActionMK is an ally that responds quickly to your ideas but can also offer you the key to winning: a certain amount of prudence that will ensure that when you take a risk you never bet more than is advisable.

In short, whether you play chess or roulette, it features ActionMK as a partner and you will win the game.



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