The business community seeks opportunities in the crisis situation caused by COVID-19

AcciónMK is committed to its expansion strategy and incorporates the Marketing Lovers project. with the aim of increasing their competitiveness, proximity and trust, keeping up to date with the latest trends and generating faster, better quality results.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has paralysed much of the country's productive activity. Its effects have spread beyond the state of alarm and are now even more present with the arrival of the outbreaks. In the province of Malaga, more than 85% of companies have been forced to close down. have suffered unprecedented drops in turnover as a result of the crisis and the measures taken, according to the "....Confederation of Employers of Malaga".

Faced with an unpredictable scenario that overturns business models, companies have worked to seek opportunities in the crisis to reinforce their own experience and economic activity. They have worked on the specialisation of their services, products and processes to adapt to the new normality and thus reinforce their competitiveness in order to give their best to the customer.

In this context, the Malaga-based company AcciónMK, with more than seventeen years of experience specialising in the field of market research and strategic marketing, has committed to its expansion strategy and has decided to incorporate the Marketing Lovers project internally. which, through its promoter, Marta Martín de la Hinojosa, will transfer all its know-how and experience to the team, generating added value through shared knowledge.

Marketing Lovers incorporates clients from all sectors to which AcciónMK will provide its services in areas such as market research, international marketing, digital strategy, business consulting and public and private project management.

In addition, as a company specialising in sectors such as tourism, agri-food, technology and fashion, it will promote the strategy already initiated by Marketing Lovers for other clients in its previous stage. COVID-19 has demonstrated that forced digital transformation is here to stay in many industries.

With an increasingly digital and less physical client, there is a growing demand for certainty, trust and, more than ever before, protection, warmth, proximity and humanisation of each contact. As a result of this demand, the strategy of the company AcciónMK is expanding its capabilities by incorporating a multidisciplinary team to provide its clients with an increasingly competitive, close and reliable service, updated to the latest trends and, above all, oriented towards the rapid results required to manage the new scenarios that the pandemic has presented us with.

The acquisition represents a firm commitment to expertise, innovation and new opportunities for AccionMK's clients. Among the most popular services are Market Research and International Digital Marketing Consultancy. which will support companies in the search for new markets with lower incidence due to COVID-19 crisis.

Also, within the group of companies, AcciónMK is supported by Clave3The company is a grant and incentive consultancy that will advise its clients on how to apply for funding opportunities and support for their projects.

At AcciónMK we have more than seventeen years of experience specialising in the field of market research and strategic marketing. Currently, the company has a broad portfolio of public and private clients. to which it provides services in four main lines of work:

  • Market Research
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Trademark Registration
  • Training.

He highlights the success of the recent line of digital consultancy services for the international market, which opens up a range of opportunities for companies to improve sales results through the introduction of products in foreign markets. Among its clients are public and private companies such as the Town Hall of Malaga, Mancomunidad de la Axarquía, the Provincial Council of Malaga, Metadata, Grupo Borges, Max Mara, Gisela Intimates, Grupo Gallego, Aires de Jaén and Avanzada7among others.

AcciónMK is ISO 20252 certified in the Design and Performance of Market, Opinion and Sociological Research Studies, ISO 9001 in Quality Management and ISO 14001 in Environmental Management Systems.

Awards and Recognition

The work of the AcciónMK team has been recognised on several occasions. In 2013 AcciónMK was awarded as the most innovative labour company.. This marks the beginning of an ongoing period of recognition, including the following:

  • Business recognition in Marketing and Communication by AMUPEMA, the Association of Businesswomen of Malaga.
  • 2016 Business Trajectory Award, from the Young Entrepreneurs Association.
  • European Medal of Merit for Merit at Work, awarded by the European Economic and Competitiveness Association.

And the most recent award Chair of Business Viabilitywhich recognises the trajectory of leading companies in the province of Malaga.



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