The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, many companies globally are prioritising "Social Responsibility" as a basis for the success of their business strategies. These companies are characterised by humane and fair treatment of their employees, transparency, and a concern for the social, environmental and economic impact of their activities, products and services in which they operate.

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The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility so important?

The image that consumers have of companies has a direct impact on consumer behaviour, which is why today, in order to be truly competitive, it is necessary to have a real commitment to society. Consumers prefer to buy products or services from companies that are involved with the needs and concerns of their environment.

Beyond mandatory compliance with laws and regulations

This new vision in the corporate world was so necessary that official standards have been put in place to identify those companies that meet the relevant characteristics to be considered "Socially Responsible Companies in different areas: security, clean business, among others.

Socially responsible companies establish a set of business practices and strategies aimed at balancing three vital issues: Economic ImpulseEnvironmental Sustainability, y Social Welfare.

These elements result in cutting-edge management models at all levels of the business; a sign that companies that exercise social responsibility know that the health of the business depends to a large extent on the health of their workers, and therefore they are involved in the well-being of each of them, as they understand that a happy and satisfied worker adds great value to the business.

The consequence will be that non-governmental associations, authorities, labour talent, suppliers and users will be attracted to these companies that meet conditions of sustainability and other ethical values.

In order to consolidate our position as a major international company and a benchmark in our sector, we must seek constant business development without putting economic objectives before social ones, as well as the welfare of our employees.

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility today

So necessary is this new perspective in the corporate world that official standards have been put in place to identify companies that meet the relevant characteristics to be identified as "Socially Responsible Companies in different aspects: safety, clean company, among others. In order to obtain these certificates, companies have to comply with certain requirements, among which we can mention:

  1. Internal and external transparency
  2. High quality standards in products and services
  3. Constant updating of processes
  4. Environmental sustainability policies
  5. Support to social support institutions
  6. Training programmes




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