Web Design Trends 2017

The world of web design is constantly evolving. What was fashionable yesterday is obsolete today. We have compiled some web design trendsYou should bear this in mind for your future work:

Back to the marker
Those who know how to draw are guaranteed success. In addition, if we add the personality and character of the designers, a very active and eye-catching visual identity of the brands is created. Within this branch, cartoons will also be a trend, as the video format gains ground over static photography.
The colour
Design material with colour is a trend in the process of web design. We will see geometric gradients that glow, reinforced with shadows and overlays. We will also see duotone painted images and custom maps.
2017 is going to end with chromatic manipulations all over the place, leaving the boring aside.
Substance over form
Like web design trendsWe will see many banners and images with invisible designs so that the content inside them is what really stands out. Realism will be left aside. Long form layouts, very long scrolls, so we favour the content to our reader without the need to bother them when they are going to click.
Collaboration between developers and designers
The theme responsive increasingly makes sense in our lives, and therefore, the need to design will be affected by the need to properly frame the content on web pages and mobile design.
The jpg format and the 12K layers will be dropped in the Photoshop to welcome high-fidelity prototypes.
Virtual Reality
In 2017 we are going to see designs with typography and gifs and animations. Virtual reality will be the main protagonist of design, with the development of the 360 experience.
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