What a Content Creator does

A content creator is a professional in the field of content marketing, who is dedicated to studying a digital target audience and creating quality content dedicated to them. Mainly, this content will be destined for a company website, social networks, advertising campaigns, blogs, etc.

These experts often working in digital marketing and advertising agenciesThey are a key element for positioning the content of a website, such as blog articles, or the design of posts for social networks with graphic content.

We already know that these content creators are in the business of attracting attention, making an impact and ultimately driving traffic to a website or social network, but What does a content creator do? In this post we are going to learn about some of the functions that a content creator performs.

A Content Creator is not a Community manager

A content creator should not be confused with a Social Media Manager or a Community manager, as the job of creating content is more focused on the creative sphere than on the strategic or community management sphere.

  • Design and implement content marketing strategies.
  • Define what the objectives of the content strategy are, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Develops and executes the content plan, both in the short and medium-long term, defining keywords or the style of the content.
  • Choose a team to write the content and work with journalists to execute the content plan.
  • Optimises aspects of a website such as SEO.
  • Check that the content created is correct and of high quality, correcting spelling mistakes or errors.
  • Measures and analyses the achievement of objectives
  • Control the content tools.
  • He acts as Creator Manager.

For all this, it is essential that the content creator has advanced knowledge of digital tools such as wordpress, prestashop or design tools such as Photoshop or adobe illustrator. As well as notions of SEO, social networks and web analytics. It is also essential that they have a good command of writing and linguistics for the correction of the texts to be created.

As you have seen, it is not an easy profession, because if you want to be a successful content creator, you will have to train a lot, and know the sector and the clients you are targeting very well.

If you are convinced by this profession and want to develop as a professional content creator, here are some tips to help you succeed in your learning path.

How to be a good Content Creator

The first step is motivation, it is a slow process, which requires you to train in many aspects and you will have to work hard to get where you want to be. If you are motivated and believe in your project, then you are ready for further training.

As a content creator, you will have to take into account several factors in order to create quality content.

  • Understand your target audience. If you can specialise in a particular niche that would be ideal. If you work in an agency and you are asked to write for a client, identify who their client is and create content for them.
  • Create a buyer persona, to help you in this task of identifying your ideal consumer.
  • Choose well the platforms and networks where your content will be published.
  • Identify emerging trends in the market and capture them through the use of keywords in your production.
  • Be orderly. Establish an action calendar, always weekly, to keep a more precise control of the tasks.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment for your work, be it a camera, a computer for editing, lighting, microphones, etc.
  • Don't stop producing content and always keep up to date.



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