What is a query and why is it important for SEO?

When we start to aim to optimise the content that the different search engines use to show us, on many occasions, it leads us to consider the beginnings of SEO. Every search process will start with a concern, need, question... that someone will try to find on the internet.

This beginning of the search is what we call query, which is the step on which we have to start when making any adjustments or changes to the inbound marketing strategy. In other words, we have to adapt as well as possible to the user's search intention.

Before we start digging deeper, we need to know what a query is.

What is a query?

Query basically means query. With this we can already intuit what its definition is.

Query is the word or words that you enter in the search box when you search on Google or other search engines. To put it clearly: if you enter "exercise to get fit" in a search engine to start exercising, that would be your search query.

But then... What use can it be given in SEO? Is it the same as a keyword? We will answer all your questions so that you understand how to use it to perfection in your SEO positioning.

Why it is important for SEO

Google's algorithms are constantly evolving and becoming more complex and sensitive to the ways in which we access the internet, such as the use of voice recognition for searches on mobile devices.

The most important change of the latest changes and the one that interests us most today is the increased importance of the intention with which the user is performing the search. Does this affect the query? Well, yes, it means that Google does not reward so much that all the keywords match but that we match the user's search intention.

So keywords are no longer important for SEO? Of course they are important! According to a study by Moz, Google has given keywords a score of 13% in its latest version.

Advantages of using query in your digital marketing strategy

Advantages of using query in your digital marketing strategy

The following are the benefits of using a query:

Your website will rank above others. The key is to combine SEO with the use of query, without neglecting either to achieve a strategy that dominates both perspectives. If you succeed, then you will appear among the first search results.

Increase the reach of your marketing strategy. By not simply focusing on keywords but paying attention to user intent, you will gain access and get through filters that other websites cannot.

A better level of both SEO and SEM. In the latest Google updates, pages that achieve a combination of queries and traditional keywords are rewarded a lot, so if you manage to be one of them, you will start to see good results soon.

Reach your target. If you know well what their questions or search intentions are, you will be closer to your target. Good results will come when you manage to implement them in your digital marketing strategy.

Query and Keyword: their differences

We have mentioned them together on several occasions and, in fact, in many others they are used indifferently, but the truth is that there are some differences between them:

  • The keyword would be the correct word par excellence when searching on the internet.
  • A "query" however refers more to what the user ends up typing into the search engine. This is no longer correct, but often not well written, without accents or even with spelling mistakes. In short, the query is the actual search for a more theoretical concept.

Types of query

We will start by talking about the queries that can be found within search engines. We will continue with information systems and mobile phones.

-Types of search engine queries.

-Navigational: the user is clear about the page you want to reach, but does not remember the domain or section to go to. For example, check the news in your usual newspaper or go to your favourite clothes shop to buy the latest news.

-Informational: this is where most queries are found. Here the user is trying to find an answer, without being clear where to find it. For example, you want to exercise and you search for "best exercises to increase buttocks".

-Transactional: it is used to complete a clear action, but with the help of the search engine. For example, "return policy" or "download food delivery app".

This is how search engine queries are divided, but...

-What types of queries exist in an information system?

In databases, queries are referred to as Query-string, which means that it is a request for a repository of information. In short, it is used to obtain a concrete answer from a database.


-What types of queries exist for telephones?

Once again we use a new term such as an HLR Query. It stands for Home Location Register and is used to find out who is behind the phone. You can find out data such as the operator using that number, the GMS network and even the status of the number. With it we can obtain valuable information in real time from a database.

Why is the use of queries important in a marketing strategy?

If you have any doubts about whether or not to implement a query in your marketing strategy, I would like to remind you that it has a great importance in marketing 2.0. and above all, in the SEO of your overall web strategy.

Knowing the queries of your target audience will give you a complete vision of your website positioning strategy. All this should be taken into account by any company that has a presence on the internet.



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