What is display advertising

Do you think your business needs to increase the visibility of certain products? Well, this is just one of the many advantages of using display advertising.

At AccionMK, your digital marketing consultancyWe'll tell you everything you should know about this marketing tool.

What is display advertising?

The display is a medium which can show the sale of a product or service, as well as offers, discounts and fundamental information about the company itself. They are usually displayed in print advertising such as posters and advertising stands, although the medium can change constantly.

In addition, there is also display advertising in online format. In this type of display, the advertisements are shown in banners on a website.

What is the functionality of display advertising?

Display advertising is a very useful tool when it comes to strategy. Its main objective is to convey an idea or present print advertising in the most attractive and motivating way possible. Whether it is to promote the brand image as that of a product or service. Depending on the type of display and its characteristics, it will have a greater or lesser impact on the target audience. However, it should be noted that this tool has a high capacity for adaptation, so it can be placed in any space with ease. The fundamental elements to be included in the advertising display must be taken into account, such as the name of the brand, space of use, images or creative message.

What are the most commonly used types and sizes of display advertising?

Now that we are familiar with this advertising tool and its functionality, we will talk about the types of displays and their sizes.

Advertising banners

This type of display is usually made of fabric and large in size. Its main advantage is that it is easy to see from a great distance due to its double-sided printing.


These are framed structures which are usually placed at the entrance of the shop with the intention of informing customers of the products available, offers and information about the shop.


These are digitally printed pieces that capture the advertising message to be conveyed quickly and directly. They are often used in large advertising campaigns with short exposure time, such as at trade fairs or point-of-sale activations. They are flexible and easy to assemble.


Iron, aluminium or fibre structure that supports a banner. They are usually printed digitally, on canvas or blackout and only on one side.

Alarm covers

This advertising element is used at the point of sale (POS). Its main function is to conceal the anti-intrusion and sabotage system, as well as to promote a product or a discount. They are usually placed vertically at the entrances of shops.

Advertising totem

It is used both inside and outside the shop, with hooks or shelves. Their purpose is not to offer the product but to provide information about it. In addition, they take up little space, are light and stable on their own.


This type of display are open containers, usually made of cardboard or similar, quick and easy to assemble and use. The product is displayed in an orderly manner and placed at any point of sale.

Advertising posters and flyers

These are the most commonly used elements due to their versatility and easy placement in strategic locations, such as shop windows or checkout lines.

Advertising dispensers

They are cardboard displays visible to the customer as they contain the product itself which promotes in an attractive way and encourages the customer to take the product.

What are the main advantages of display advertising?

There are many benefits of this tool for your business, here are some of them:

  • Increasing visibility

The main objective of displays is to increase the visibility of the product or service for sale or consumption, as well as to be as eye-catching as possible in order to capture the attention of potential customers by providing them with information about the promoted product or business.

  • Strengthening the brand image

Showcasing the corporate image of the business reinforces it and stays in the customers' memories for a long time. They may associate the product with the brand and trust the service again.

  • Improved product positioning

Thanks to the visibility provided by display advertising, products that are new to the market or those that have previously been in low demand can be publicised.



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