What is Online Marketing?

Not sure how to digitise your business or improve your online strategy? At AcciónMk we are experts in implementing and advising on strategies of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing refers to all marketing actions carried out through online media and channels.  We can speak of Digital Marketing as an evolution, a transfer of Offline Marketing actions and strategies to the new digital era.

In this post we will take a look at one of the most important branches of Marketing today, Digital Marketing. We will analyse its trajectory, the areas that compose it, its current state and we will give you the reasons why you should support your digital strategy to achieve business success. Don't miss it!

How did digital marketing come about?

The discipline of Online Marketing The digital and technological breakthroughs of the late 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century. It may seem that its beginnings go back many years, but it is actually a very young branch of marketing, which came hand in hand with the emergence of the Internet.

There is no doubt that Digital Marketing is becoming more and more important for companies nowadays, and it is expected to remain so over the years, but what is the story behind this giant of the online world?

They say that to know where we are going, we must first know where we came from. Take a look at this interesting post about the history of Online Marketing up to the present day.


What areas does Online Marketing cover?

Digital Marketing is made up of an increasing number of areas and specialisations, which are emerging in parallel with the development of the digital world.

The main areas that comprise Online Marketing are the following:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) encompasses the set of techniques aimed at increasing and improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of search engines such as Google.

They say the best place to hide a corpse is on the second page of Google. What do you think happens to businesses whose websites are hard to find on Google? Don't wait to find out for yourself, and take action with a good SEO strategy.

 Social Media

The great potential of social media for the success of your business today is undeniable.. Despite this, not a small number of companies still do not give their social media management the importance it deserves.

Online Marketing has a lot to do here. If we said before that having a good positioning in search engines is very important, connecting with your audience and creating links in networks is another key element.

If you don't give up contact with your customers in real life, why would you do so in online media?

Email Marketing

One of the great fields of Online Marketing, which in recent years had suffered a decline due to the boom in Social Media, but which in today's digital online landscape, is once again gaining importance and should not be forgotten in your online strategy..

It fulfils a great functionGet the emails of visitors to your website in order to maintain continuous and prolonged contact with them, offering them personalised offers, multiplying the possibilities of buying in your shop, as well as increasing their loyalty.

It's more expensive to attract new customers than to retain existing ones, so why not take heed of this great marketing truth and boost your email marketing!

Content marketing

Another giant of Online Marketing, Content Marketing, why invest your efforts in searching for your customers? Create, publish and share content of interest to them and make them come to you instead of you chasing them..

This area of digital marketing works very well with SEO and Social Media. You must create interesting and attractive content on your networks to attract your buyer persona, and you must also have a good positioning.

It all fits together like a puzzle, doesn't it? The key to an Online Marketing strategy is to take advantage of the synergies caused by the joint action of all these areas.

Digital advertising

Of course, advertising also has a very important place in the digital or online world. It encompasses a a set of paid strategies and techniques that help your company reach your potential audience more directly..

It is made up of a wide variety of techniques and procedures, each with its own strengths and particularities that you will be interested to know.

Why go for an Online Marketing strategy?

If your business is not on the internet, it does not exist.. No matter how good a product or service you offer, no matter how well you treat your customers, it will all be forgotten if an effective digital strategy does not accompany you.

In the past, opting for an online strategy for your business was an option that could bring your company great opportunities and benefits nowadays, digitising your business is no longer an option.

Here are some of the reasons to adopt an online strategy:

  • More economical than other means. Radio, TV, press have one thing in common: they are more expensive than digital strategies. Reaching a large number of people at a lower cost is possible thanks to digital marketing.
  • Connect with your customers. Engaging with your audience, offering them content of interest, the possibilities of building loyalty and establishing links with your target audience are multiplied.
  • Reaching more customers. The reach you can achieve by involving your business in the online world is much greater. The world is already digital, everything is online, and so are your customers.
  • More complete segmentation, thanks to online marketing strategies such as digital advertising, reaching those people who are really interested in our services, this translates into cost advantages

In conclusion... Should I rely on Online Marketing for my business?

Our answer is a resounding YES. No matter the size of your company, the sector or field in which you operate, boosting your business thanks to an effective Online Marketing strategy is within your reach, you just need to know which areas and aspects are key to the growth of your company to start boosting them.

Take Action, contact us and boost the Digital Marketing of your business!



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