Why should we consume local products and services?

The consumption of services or local productsi.e. those that come from your geographical environment, will make it possible for the economy of the area to develop. In addition, it is a way of preserving the environment and promoting a more environmentally friendly responsible consumption. And it is not only that economy that develops, but the whole social fabric that sustains it.

Spain, especially Andalusia, is a territory full of small businesses and self-employed workers who will not be able to cope with the situation caused by the Covid-19 health crisis if they do not count on the complicity of the public, if they do not reinvent themselves and if the agreed aid does not arrive.

Now more than ever, the future is local

We refer to the small enterprises and shops, those in your neighbourhood, on the corner of your street and surely those of many of your friends and family. Those shops that offer personalised, slow and close attention need the complicity of citizens.

Now more than ever, consumers and citizens, as well as our responsibility, are a key part of the local economyThe aim is to revitalise the economy of our environment, of our city.

We would like to think that every crisis hides an opportunity, and this pandemic has a name and a surname: local, local and local.

Many of these companies have reinvented themselves and have been aware of the need to make the leap to the internet accompanied by professionals.The company has launched its digital version of the business to deal with the health emergency caused by the coronavirus and thus maintain its clientele and, in addition, attract new ones.

This commitment to the local has to be transversal and cross each of the sectors and all types of audiences. From the tourism sector, to fashion, food... And also placing special emphasis on the primary sector, where in this crisis we have been aware that they are indispensable.

Furthermore, we must be aware that traditional agriculture and livestock farming, in addition to any of the other services that we can access or consume because of our proximity, have a lot to say in the fight to improve the environment. environment and curb the climate change.

In recent months, the problems of global trade have led large companies to rethink their supply chains in favour of local producers. This fact, which is now being imposed on us, is a proposal that has been fought for years by groups and organisations that promote the fight against climate change and new ways of doing things, social innovation.

From the solidarity and collaboration of social, public and private entities, we have seen how numerous initiatives have arisen to help and promote local businesses, small companies, groups at risk, unemployed people... Due to our proximity, we mention the brand "...".A Taste of Malaga"of the Diputación de Málaga, where have compiled a list of branded producers who deliver during this health crisis.They also carry out a series of reports where they bring the most human stories behind the producers, traders and business people of the province.

5 reasons to consume local or proximity products and services

Finally, we appeal to your conscience by mentioning 5 reasons and benefits for consuming zero kilometre products and services. Every person adds up.

  1. The consumption of local products and services is beneficial to the local economy, as well as generating employment for our neighbours.
  2. Local consumption reduces emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Why? Because the distances involved in transporting products or services are reduced.
  3. Fairer prices due to lower transport costs and the absence of intermediaries.
  4. Product traceability is much more focused, we know where they come from and how they have been prepared.
  5. Supporting small local producers serves to fight against the big monopolies.



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