3 types of Facebook Ads you need to know more about

When we decided to create Facebook adswe need to select a target per advertising campaign and, in turn, one of the types of advertisements that are specific to the target.

The following are the 3 types of Facebook Ads we use most often as Digital Marketing Consultant.

Most used types of Facebook Ads


By conversion means the action taken on a website by the visitor. This action is defined by the company advertising the advertisement.

If what we want to achieve is that the user performs some action on the website, this is the objective you should choose. A clear example is the acquisition of a database of potential customers.
First we make an announcement on FacebookThe website will then be redirected to the website, and once there, users will click and be redirected to the website, you will be presented with a landing page for you to leave your contact details.

You should know that, as a recommendation, it is important to offer something in exchange for a lead. For example, direct discount for subscribers; free shipping; access to pre-sales; a free course; a free pdf;

Another piece of advice we offer from ActionMK is that don't direct your users to the homepage of your site. If you want them to fill in a form, you can't make them enter a page where there is no form.

If registration is too complicated, it will drive people away from the website.


First we need to create custom audiences of visitors to the website. Once created, we will show ads only to that audience. This is the remarketing, targeting which consists of showing ads to those who have intended to take an action.with a previous visit to your website.

This type of Facebook Adshas a super advantage. Through the remarketingYou can segment target audiences that have visited a section of your website. For example, if your website sells fashion items, you can make an advert and show it only to those who visited only the section Men's Shirts.

And another super advantage is that you can not show the ad to those who are already customers or have already been leads. (we already have the contact). This way, we can run lead acquisition campaigns and exclude those who are already leads.


This type of Facebook Ads serves to to raise awareness of a business, position it in the market or differentiate it from the competition.

To raise brand awareness with Facebook advertising, we can increase the number of Likes on your FanPage. Many Community Managers They believe that this campaign has no real value because paying money for more followers is a waste of money. The ideal is to do it right from the start and organically..

For branding, the ideal is create campaigns that target blog posts. It is not about promoting all the posts, but those that generate value for the brand and are not commercial. It must be content created by the company, and never ever sponsor a post (or URL) of another company (it makes no sense).



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