We carry out satisfaction surveys in Alhaurín de la Torre

The Alhaurín de la Torre Town Hall through the delegation for citizen participation has launched a opinion survey to find out the impressions of its citizens.

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Satisfaction surveys in Alhaurín de la Torre

Citizens have been able to participate online or offlineThe aim of this opinion poll is to find out about the concerns of its citizens.
The Alhaurín de la Torre Town Hallthrough the Delegation of Citizen Participation, wanted to know the satisfaction and opinion of the citizens with regard to municipal services, what needs they have detected in their area and where they would like to invest to complete the offer that they consider their locality should have.

This information will be of vital importance to make proposals for improvement that will be included in the elaboration of more participatory budgets for the town and that will lead to intervention in its neighbourhoods. It is therefore important that the inhabitants of Alhaurín de la Torre have actively participated in this initiative.

The implementation of this opinion survey was carried out through two channels, online and offline. The online channel used was available on the City Council website.
On the other hand, at the offline level, a field study was carried out on the street, where a group of pollsters located in different neighbourhoods of Alhaurín de la Torre, collected the impressions of the citizens.


Data collection through face-to-face surveys was carried out in different neighbourhoods to find out the different demands of each area and propose actions in accordance with their needs. This opinion study was carried out by our company. ActionMK.

The fieldwork in the neighbourhoods was divided into six work zones, which allowed us to ascertain the demands of the entire population. They are as follows:

Zone 1. Alquería-Torreealquería
Zone 2. Peñón-Zapata-Molina-Puertalhaurín
Zone 3. Romeral-Santa Amalia-Mestanza
Zone 4. Centre
Zone 5. North
Zone 6. South
In short, it was a random sample of the citizens of Alhaurín de la Torre, in accordance with the characteristics of the population, which ensures the reliability of the results obtained in order for the Town Council to draw up more participatory budgets.



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