Facebook limits sweepstakes and contests. New rules

A short time ago it was announced that the new Facebook contest and promotion policies. This has caused a general dissatisfaction among users and especially to the Community ManagerThis was the favourite strategy of all of them as a means of gaining followers and increasing the visibility of their FanPage.

Facebook and its limitations on sweepstakes and contests

By removing the requirement to implement a third-party application for the management and execution of these actions as an exclusive requirement, Facebook has given a break to the community managers that they had to make impossible in order not to go against the rules.

However, the The small print of this news was causing alarm among users.. Here we discuss what is and what is not allowed on Facebook about competitions.

What is allowed on Facebook

The following can be done promotions or competitions directly on the wall of your brand or business page (with some limitations)
It is admitted as voting mechanism or participation in the following: likes, comments, private messages.

What Facebook does not allow

As we have seen, competitions are possible, but now come the "buts".

We cannot ask fans to share your post on their walls.
We cannot ask followers to tag themselves. in your photo if these do not appear
We can't incentivise fans to comment the name of your brand in your posts
Facebook requests to be exonerated from any liability whatsoeverand that each page indicates the terms and conditions of its promotion.

And remember, Facebook rewards those FanPages that promote (paid) posts or contests, making them more viral, and increasing the likelihood of appearing in your followers' timelines. If you don't invest in Facebook at all, your reach may be reduced, more than usual.

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