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In this post we are going to talk about the latest Marketing news, including three techniques: Email Marketing, Proximity Marketing and the Relationship Marketing.

Let's start by talking about the Email Marketing82% of consumers admit that they would buy more items via email if it were more personalised and tailored to their characteristics. With dynamic content, you can send a campaign based on subscriber data and behaviour, optimised and targeted to each user.

The Email Marketing is one of the best channels for ROI. There are a number of factors to consider for the success of this type of campaign:

  • Take advantage of the data you have from your customers.
  • Concentrate on your needs.
  • Measuring and optimising campaigns.
  • Take into account the customer life cycle and their buying habits.

Another technique that we would like to talk about is the Proximity marketing. Every day there are more and more applications for our mobile devices that make our user experience less intrusive. More than 80% of the population is permanently connected to the network through their mobile devices, of these users we can know their position, their buying habits, their...

The information we can obtain about geographic space reflects consumer behaviour. Brands are informed about the behaviour of their target and take into account their geographic location. Proximity Marketing. Under this marketing discipline, a distinction must be made between the Geolocationwhich is when we know the exact location through mobile devices, and the Geotargeting it is about being able to send our potential customers the right message, at the right time and in the right place. Through the Geotargeting we can create personalised content for our consumers. Its main use is focused on optimising advertising return.

The last technique that we are going to talk about in this post is the Relationship marketingThis business strategy has proven to be effective in improving the performance of major brands. It is based on creating close and lasting relationships with customers, achieving better profits. The best way to turn a customer into an evangelist for your brand is to maintain the relationship with them.

We are going to name some fundamental aspects to take into account in order to implement this type of strategy:

  • Loyalty. We have to get our customers to identify with our brand in order to turn them into evangelists.
  • Personalisation. We must work on the personalisation of messages and not send the same message to all our customers.
  • The customer is king. We must listen to their opinion and feedback to find out if the product is really what they want. The customer must perceive a gain from using the product.
  • Long-term vision. We must think ahead and create campaigns that can be linked and that pursue brand positioning.

And finally, we are going to recommend a book about Strategic Marketingwritten by Julian Villanueva and Juan Manuel del Toro Martin. This book tries to give a vision of marketing that is both modern and relevant and focused on top management.




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